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As artist in residence at the Norman Cross Gallery, this exhibition features a new collection of works, of some of the Heritage sites and buildings in Peterborough. With a focus on the Norman Cross site the first prisoner of war camp during the Napoleonic War, to the Gates Memorial in Bishop’s Road Gardens.


It’s always refreshing as an artist, going back to your roots of drawing as a medium, but as well as being exciting to produce these pieces, it’s also been a challenge trying hard not to use paint or colour. The body of work was produced in pencils, charcoal and pastels but some of the pieces I felt lend itself to a dash of colour. This was achieved by using pastel and slightly coloured paper. Amazing what you learn also when observing these buildings and sites.


Past Event

Heritage Places & Spaces

Sat 1 September 2018


Ends: Sun 30 September 4:00PM

Norman Cross Art gallery

Norman Cross, Peterborough, Cambs PE7 3TB.

01733 245189


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