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‘Inky Matter’ is a solo inspired by letters – yes, the ones we have written and received, but also those remain unwritten. The letters that we can’t, won’t or never quite get round to writing…what happens to them?

Dear Potential Audience Member,

I invite you to come and sit with me amongst letters as I attempt to write…write something…write THAT letter… 

Words emerge and stories unfold through layers of intricate movement, crumpling paper and failed attempts. Movement and writing combine as the paper and my skin become interchangeable textures; more surfaces for the pen to write on. Articulating those unwritten letters and where I am holding them. What do those parts of me have to say? 

What will you hear?

What would you write?

Choreographer/Performer: Kimberley Harvey

Dramaturg: Lou Cope

Includes music by composer and musician, Garry Scott James. 

Let us know your coming by booking your free place here or email

Kimberly will also be holding a FREE workshop before the performance from 1 – 3pm, find out more here.



Past Event

Inky Matter

Sat 23 June 2018


Ends: Sat 23 June 4:15PM

Metal, Chaufferurs Cottage



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