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In 1945, in Denmark, after the defeat of Germany, the tough veteran Sergeant Carl Rasmussen is assigned by Lieutenant Ebbe Jensen to defuse and remove 2.2 million mines in the Danish West Coast to make the beaches safe. Carl receives a group of teenage Germans prisoners of war to clear mines. With the formal promise of Ebbe, Carl tells to the youngsters that when the task is accomplished, the survivors would be released to return to Germany. Nominated Oscar Best Foreign Film.

Martin Zandvliet

Roland Moller, Louis Hofmann, Joel Basman

Rating:  15
Year:  2016
Country:  Denmark
Length:  100mins


Past Event

Peterborough Arts Cinema: Land Of Mine

Thu 1 February 2018


Ends: Thu 1 February

John Clare Theatre


£6, concessions £5

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