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“Some day in the not too distant future, America will dip its corners deeper into the ocean, the waves ever grinding at its shores as tectonic plates shift and sink. The effect of melting icecaps on the beaches of her native Long Island is one of the triggers for Laura Stevenson’s worrying mind, as she struggles with the overwhelming notions of an infinite universe and the imminence of her own death. Obsessive musings on these subjects has led her to describe herself as an “unfunny Woody Allen,” though friends and fans might disagree, finding plenty of humor in her introspective and self-deprecating nature. The repetition of these existential questions is the driving force behind Wheel, an album brimming with life and death in the desperate search for what keeps us turning in the face of doubt, an exercise in coming to terms with the overwhelming beauty that can be found in the lack of an answer.”

Prior to the tour, she is supporting Against me! on their US tour. Visit her website to check out more!

If you’re a local artiste/band who is/are available and think you could help out the show please email the met lounge asap!. Doors will be 8pm and adv tickets will be £7.


Past Event

Laura Stevenson – The Met Lounge

Sat 19 April 2014


Ends: Sat 19 April

The Met Lounge



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