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The life story of Rafael Padilla, a former slave in Cuba, who unexpectedly became a star clown in the Paris of the Belle Epoque. Discovered in a small country circus in the North of France by George Footit, a British clown and acrobat, he formed a successful duo with him, ‘Footit and Chocolat’. For two decades, and despite conflicts between the two artists, Footit as the authoritarian white clown and Chocolat as the Auguste Black drudge filled crowds with enthusiasm. But nothing lasts forever and the glory of Chocolat, despite his high ambitions, started to decline until his premature death in 1917.

Roschdy Zem

Omar Sy, James Thieree, Clotilde Hesme

Rating:  12A
Year:  2016
Country:  France
Length:  119mins



Past Event

Peterborough Arts cinema: Chocolat

Thu 21 September 2017


Ends: Thu 21 September

John Clare Theatre


Standard Price: £6.00 per show Concessions: £5:00 per show Members: £4.00 per show

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