Pickers, Pluckers and Packers

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When: Saturday 5th August 2017, 11am & 4pm
Where: Tours will start from St John’s Church in Cathedral Square.
Who: Charley Genever and Keely Mills
What: Poetry
A mentoring residency with six new female poets from Peterborough, Keely and Charley will write their stories of Peterborough’s backbone of seasonal workers; pickers, pluckers, and packers.

The poets will explore the role of the seasonal and migrant worker in the city – how this has affected them as individuals and as a community over the last 100 years. They will write poems on what Peterborough will or could be post-Brexit, and how the female role is represented in all of this.

The work created from the residency will result in a one-off installation that the audience can experience at two different events. Will you notice the t-shirts, tote bags, and a mini-bus? Come and jump on board the Pickers, Pluckers and Packers bus as it parks up in St Johns Square and listen to their stories. Or, join us on a special bus tour at 11am or 4pm. Free entry, booking is essential for the bus tour – visithttps://pickerspluckersandpackers.eventbrite.com.

The Pickers,Pluckers and Packers poets will also be performing at Planet B event’s: Question Time Cabaret and Write Club.


Past Event

Pickers, Pluckers and Packers

Sat 5 August 2017


Ends: Sat 5 August

St Johns Church, Church St, Cathedral Square, Peterborough



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