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When: Thurs 3rd-Tues 8th August, 11-4pm (5th Aug also open after Generation Zero)
Where: St John’s Square, Peterborough PE1 1XB
Who: Claudia Friend
What: Exhibition

The Future Museum of Now is a look at everyday objects of the early 21st century, presented as an exhibition of the future conceived by Claudia and fellow artist Steph May.

In the year 2525 the world is a very different place and much has been lost – the purposes of the objects on display, from the viewpoint of a future archaeology, are as mysterious as ancient finds are to us now. As memory has been largely lost in this imagined future, interpretations as to the use and significance of objects are free from the present and are open reflections on what might have been, based on the experiences imagined possible in the distant future.

Language and concepts of the present are largely incoherent to the inhabitants of this future, although some rituals and ideas have been survived, but only as disjointed parts, hearsay, distant cultural memories. Free, booking not required.

“We wished to create a darkly humorous vision of the distant future based on our sense of the world as it is now. We hoped it might generate some reflection on what the future could look like and why that might be.”


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Past Event

The Future Museum of Now

Thu 3 August 2017


Ends: Tue 8 August 4:00PM

St John's Square



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