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The Revellers present another of their popular original plays ‘Keep Mum’. This premiere production by local playwright and society member Sean Flynn revolves around Sarah who is excited to discover that she is pregnant. However, the one person she doesn’t want to tell (her grandad) finds out and begins to make trouble for everyone around him; specifically the fact that Sarah wears a locket that belonged to his deceased wife. and feels that it should rightfully be his. In a drunken stupor he attempts to take the locket from her. Will anyone alive or dead persuade him to do the right thing?

The price includes The Revellers’ traditional fish and chip supper.


Past Event

The Revellers Present: Keep Mum

Thu 27 September 2018


Ends: Sat 29 September 7:30PM

The Broadway Theatre

Broadway, Peterborough PE3 8LG

01733 306071


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