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A sky-high way to celebrate Peterborough Heritage Festival.

To mark the Heritage Festival, we are holding a day of special tower top climbs – every hour, on the hour. This will involve a straight climb up the steps of the north-west tower onto the central tower outside, for stunning views across the city.

Entry: £5 or £16 for a group of four. Ages 8+ only.

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Realistically, given steep and narrow spiral staircases, plus the odd medieval beam to negotiate, and the absence of hand rails in one section of the ascent, visitors need to have a certain level of stamina, fitness and a forgiveness for ancient buildings. Again, as part of our insurance undertakings, we ask each person going up the tower to read, agree and sign this short disclaimer. Without it we cannot take you up.  Large rucksacks or bags are not allowed on tower tours.  We will provide a safe storage location.

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Past Event

Tower Top Climbs

Sat 16 June 2018


Ends: Sat 16 June 4:00PM

Peterborough Cathedral


Entry: £5 or £16 for a group of four. Ages 8+ only.

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