Invitation to Artists to Pitch for “ImagiNation” Arts Workshops – Summer 2014

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The elements of the programme are as follows:

 A universal reading for pleasure activity – This activity will run through the summer 2014, and will be open to all young people aged 11-14. Young people who take part will be given an “Inspiration Log” and will be asked to select and read 2-4 books during the summer. They will be encouraged to widen their reading and explore genres of literature they have never tried before. In the Inspiration Log they will express their thoughts and feelings about what they are reading.

Some of the young people will have the opportunity to produce pieces of art in response to one of their books.

 A series of artist-led workshops during the summer 2014 – which will enable the participants to express their reactions to their reading through art. These workshops will take place in Peterborough Central and Orton Libraries.

A key component of the programme will be the opportunities available throughout the planning and delivery stages for young people to be involved in shaping the programme. A group of young people will be invited to inform the shape of the artistic workshops in two libraries and determine how it will be shared, displayed or performed.

We anticipate that young people will also have the opportunity to undertake Bronze Arts Award as part of this work.

For full details please contact Elaine Wilkinson at

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