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charters - whats on in Peterborough?


15 Fri 8:30PM

Rocket 57

Rocket 57 will have you all entertained with a great selection of hits from the 1950’s to the present day. A great way to… read more



16 Sat 7:30PM

Christmas Concert Peterborough Cathedral

Rock legend, Ian Anderson, to give Christmas concert at Peterborough Cathedral

Rock legend Ian Anderson, of Jethro Tull fame, will be performing a Christmas concert… read more



21 Thu 9:00PM

Austin Gold – Gig

Thursday 21st December

Austin Gold live with vibes fleeting from southern rock and dirty grooves to blissed-out Floyd anthems, the bedrock for solos are… read more



22 Fri 10:30PM

High Rollers

Charters welcome back firm favourites the High Rollers,  the guys will keep you all entertained and no doubt up on your feet with a great… read more



30 Sat 7:45PM

State Of Freedom at The Met, Peterborough

State Of Freedom return, for one night only!!!!!

The Met Lounge presents ” The Early Years… 1999 – 2008″.

This will mark our first headline show in… read more